Tetley 1100 Tea Bags

Price: £18.99


  • Tetley brings over 150 years of experience in blending and packing the finest teas.
  • ROUND TEA BAGS.High quality 3 star tea is the result of skill at selecting and brewing.New round tea bags give all around flavour.Convenient 440 pack. Now available in boxes of 275.
  • DRAWSTRING TEA BAGS.Each bag provides 2g of the finest tea.The Tetley tag gives cup after cup of assured quality.100 bags per box.
  • DECAFFEINATED TEA.Tetley Decaf tea is made by carefully removing the caffeine,to produce a deliciously satisfying cup of tea that retains all the original taste and flavour.
  • TAGGED TEA BAGS.Tetley Tag tea bags in envelopes are ideal for any occasion where hygiene is needed i.e hotel bedrooms, cafe’s, tea rooms.