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Portable Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaning Machine

Price: £736.31


A compact hand-held extraction unit for quick and effective cleaning of spills and stains.  Prochem's new design Spot Pro is the ideal solution for carpet spots and stains, and even upholstery!  With the Spot Pro hand held extraction cleaner you can virtually eliminate set up time and start cleaning immediately.  This is self contained unit holds its own rinising solution and stores its recovered waste water, all in a unit you can easily carry with one hand.  No need to tie up your portable or truck mount.

Spot Pro is a miniature extraction system with plenty of pressure to adequately wet and rinse as needed and powerful vacuum to extract stains and spills on carpet or fabric.  The Spot Pro incorporates a vacuum float shut - off and integral cord wrap.  Not only is the Spot Pro an effective cleaning tool but it also serves as a good sales tool as customers see how quickly and efficiently you handle their day to day cleaning problems.