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J Flex Oxivir

Price: £56.65


A new generation of detergent/disinfectant that is a powerful disinfectant, excellent cleaner and safe on washable surfaces. Oxivir is a powerful disinfectant with excellent bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporocidal activity. The unique formulation is based on an innovative Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology that effectively destroys pathogens such as MRSA, Hepatitis C and Norovirus. Ideal for dealing with contaminated body spillages, controlling pathogen outbreaks and cleaning high risk infection areas. This activitation in the formulation do not promote resistant strain development. The acid anionic component of Oxivir Spray also gives effective descaling properties, leaving minimal streaking for that prestige finish. It is the simultaneous cleaning and high efficacy disinfection action that differentiates Oxivir Spray from other disinfectants on the market. The dual action offers cleaning confidence as well as saving time and money. Oxivir Spray is based on a blend of ingredients that are suitable for most washable surfaces and fabrics commonly found in healthcare, lodging and office buildings. The product is safe to use and carries no hazard classification making it ideal for day time use in public areas. The oxidising kill-action of the product is non-staining and the active ingredients biodegrade harmlessly to water and oxygen.