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Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant 5ltr

Price: £8.75


Professionally formulated for fast and effective cleaning, Lifeguard Cleaner &

Disinfectant concentrate can be used on all hard washable surfaces, including

painted walls, woodwork, vinyl, plastic, porcelain and ceramic, leaving them

hygienically clean.

With its powerful combination of cleaning agents and disinfectant, Lifeguard

Cleaner & Disinfectant easily removes dirt and washroom soilage whilst also

killing and preventing reproduction of bacteria which cause food poisoning,

gastric disorders and wound infections.

The Neutrafresh molecules combine with and trap the nitrogen and sulphur

compounds in the malodour. Remaining Neutrafresh molecules create a fresh,

long-lasting fragrance, providing a constant reminder that surfaces are clean

and safe.