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Lifeguard Limescale Remover 1ltr

Price: £4.75


Lifeguard Limescale Remover is an acid-based cleaner for daily cleaning and removal of limescale from all washable non-enamelled surfaces in washrooms, toilets, showers and changing rooms, gymnasia and swimming baths.
Lifeguard Limescale Remover can be used undiluted to remove heavy limescale or diluted for daily cleaning and inhibition of scale build-up. Leaves a clean fresh fragrance using Neutrafresh technology to remove unpleasant smells both at source and in the surrounding air.
Lifeguard Limescale Remover's acid based formula has been designed to swiftly remove grime and limescale from all washable surfaces in toilets, washrooms, showers and changing rooms. It kills the bacteria which cause skin infections and is effective against fungal infections such as those which can cause Athlete's Foot.
Safe for use on stainless steel and chrome-plated surfaces. Not suitable for use on marble, terrazzo or enameled surfaces.
This product may be applied using sponge, cloth or mop. Always wear suitable gloves.