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Mr Muscle Natural Drain Cleaner 750ml

Price: £2.99


Effectively Helps Prevent Build-Up, Slow Running Drains & Clogs
Up to 12 Doses

- Prevents blockages.
- Leaves a pleasant fragrance.
- Enzyme based 99% natural formula.
- Safe on all pipes.
- Recommended for regular use every 2 to 4 weeks.
- Clog prevention kitchen & bathroom drains.
- 99% Natural Formula*.

For each of your drain issues, Mr Muscle has the right product:
- For tough clogs and fully blocked drains: Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel.
It's so thick it sinks to unblock clogs, even through standing water.
- For slow running drains: Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Foamer.
Its two liquids activate on contact to unleash a powerful cleaning foam that expands to clear the entire width of the pipe.

*Enzyme based water formulation