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Norsan Star Clean 5ltr

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Norsan Starclean 2000 is a truly all-purpose cleaner safe to use on all surfaces. It works amazingly fast and removes even the heaviest soil on contact. Further detail below.

Many cleaners make the claim to be universal but Starclean really lives up to its description because it is safe to use on all surfaces. Manufactured to a very high standard, Starclean 2000 will cope with all cleaning tasks encountered in everyday cleaning amazingly fast.

Its high cleaning ability on all surfaces and its fresh fragrance makes this all purpose cleaner pleasant to work with. Starclean 2000, with its special concentrated compound, is formulated to clean all types of surface effectively.

Recommended for use in cleaning PVC; vinyl; vinyl asbestos; thermoplastic; asphalt; composition; composition; terrazzo; marble; finished concrete; quarry tiles; ceramic tiles and all sealed wood and cork floors. Linoleum and rubber surfaces should always be treated with care and carpets should be tested for colour fastness.