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Complete Microfibre Mop

Price: £20.15


Comes with Handle , Head And 1 Cover

Cleans dirt, dust, grease and grime from any floor surface. No solvents, solutions or chemicals! Eliminates the drag and friction commonly associated with all other floor mops, even other microfibers. It actually glides along the floor, wet or dry, on a cushion of air. The patented Tri-Fiber design uses three types of microfibers: long, stiff monofibers let the mop glide along the floor by lifting the pad and allowing increased air flow between the stiff monofibers. Then, by pushing down on the mop, you bend the monofibers to expose two types of cleaning microfibers wrapped around the core monofiber responsible for superior floor cleaning performance. Finally, when you release the downward pressure on the mop, the mop pad literally springs back on the stiff monofibers. This patented union of microfibers guarantees an incredibly improved ability to collect dirt, dust and grime.