Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover 750ml 3 Pack

Price: £8.00


Cillit Bang Power Cleaner black mould remover

Powerful formula with Turbo Power effortlessly destroys unsightly black mould

Gets to work in seconds, with no need for hard scrubbing

Large 750ml pump-action spray bottle lets you cover large areas with ease

Ideal for: bathroom tiles, wall grout, bath tubs, basins, shower screens, toilets and cupboards

Cillit Bang Power Cleaner black mould remover is a fast and easy way to keep your bathroom looking and smelling clean and fresh, even in the busiest of households. A hectic family lifestyle can take its toll on your home, and damp areas like bathrooms can be more susceptible to mould build up. Cillit Bang's powerful Turbo Power formula effortlessly powers through even the toughest bathroom grime and destroys unsightly black mould in seconds, with no need to scrub, leaving your surfaces shining. The 750ml pump-action spray bottle also helps you tackle your tubs, tiles and fittings with ease.