Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy, Title and Risk

Low Cost Cleaning Supplies shall use reasonable means to despatch goods by the date agreed with the customer, but does not accept liability for failure to deliver within the stated time where this is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as delays caused by weather or manufacturer lead delays.

In the case of a Business Customer, if Low Cost Cleaning Supplies is unable to deliver goods within 30 days of the agreed delivery date, the customer will, as its sole remedy, be entilited to cancel the order and require any monies paid to Low Cost Cleaning Supplies in respect of that order to be refunded.

In order to cancel the customer must send written notice of cancellation to Low Cost Cleaning Supplies after the agreed date but before the delivery of the goods or notification from Low Cost Cleaning Supplies that the goods are ready for delivery. 

In the case of a Business Customer, Low Cost Cleaning Supplies does not accept liability for shortages or damages to deliveries unless the customer notifies Low Cost Cleaning Supplies of the damage or shortage in writing within 24 hours of receipt of delivery.

Customers should also notify any damages or sortages within the same period of 24 hours.

Business Customers are required to be able to accept the delivery of goods when they are ready for delivery within normal working Hours.

Delivery is deemed to take place when the goods are delivered to the Customer's nominated address, whereupon the risks of loss, breakage and all damage and all other risks shall pass to the Customer.

Delivery dates are given in good faith but are approximate only.

Title in the goods does not pass to the Customer until full payment has been received in full to Low Cost Cleaning Supplies.

If the Customer cannot accept delivery Low Cost Cleaning Supplies can store and insure the goods at the customers expense and risk of:

or sell the goods at the best price reasonably obtainable and (after deducting reasonable storage insurance and selling costs) pay the Customer any excess over the sale price or charge the Customer for any shortfall :

or  re arrange delivery, however, Low Cost Cleaning Supplies  may charge the Customer for any additional delivery costs incurred.

The Customer may request a Proof of Delivery, provided that this request is made within 30 days of the delivery date.  Thereafter, delivery shall be deemed to have been successfully delivery and completed.

All delivered goods, the Customer will be asked to sign a Proof of Delivery to acknowledge safe receipt.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the number items delivered corresponds with the numbered stated within the delivery note.

If a discrepancy occurs or where there is evident damage to the packaging, this should be noted on the Proof of Delivery.

Upon delivery, if items are incorrect due to items being missed ordered, ie. wrong type of handtowels etc by the client or has been signed for and then a replacement is needed due to no vault of Low Cost Cleaning Supplies  there will be a delivery/collection charge.

If this the fault of Low Cost Cleaning Supplies then no charge will  occur.

Low Cost Cleaning Supplies will not be liable for discrepancies or damage evident on delivery where the customers accepts delivery and signs the Proof of Delivery without amendment.

Zone 5 is for London deliveries within the Congestion Charge Zone